Actor, VoiceOver, Space: 1999


As tough as old Irishmen come, Arthur Kilgannon has been involved with every major criminal industry in a career that's lasted for 5 decades. Though a fixture in the criminal world, Arthur is a man with some ethics. Ready to retire and pass on the "family business," he worries that his son is not capable of upholding his standards. THIS GUEST STARING ROLE - REQUIRED AN AUTHENTIC IRISH ACCENT


Nick here..."I just got back from New York where we shot “THE BLACK LIST ”.....I played Arthur Kilgannon, head of an Irish Crime Syndicate. Kevin Ryan played my son, we were a couple of crazy bastards. I had a fantastic time and it was great to work with James Spader, the sparks really flew between us. He was the ultimate proEpisode #7 of Season 5,  "THE KILGANNON CORPORATION".....Airing Wednesday November 8th at 8PM on NBC.