Actor, VoiceOver, Space: 1999


As tough as old Irishmen come, Arthur Kilgannon has been involved with every major criminal industry in a career that's lasted for 5 decades. Though a fixture in the criminal world, Arthur is a man with some ethics. Ready to retire and pass on the "family business," he worries that his son is not capable of upholding his standards. THIS GUEST STARING ROLE - REQUIRED AN AUTHENTIC IRISH ACCENT


Nick here..."I just got back from New York where we shot β€œTHE BLACK LIST ”.....I played Arthur Kilgannon, head of an Irish Crime Syndicate. Kevin Ryan played my son, we were a couple of crazy bastards. I had a fantastic time and it was great to work with James Spader, the sparks really flew between us. He was the ultimate pro.

Episode #7 of Season 5 "THE KILGANNON CORPORATION"