Actor, VoiceOver, Space: 1999



Killer Elite The                                Commander                           GaryMcKendry

Bed of Roses                                   Fayard                                   Michael Goldenberg

Public Eye, The                               Henry Haddock                     Howard Franklin

Hook                                                Noodler                                  Steven Spielberg

Cry in the Dark                                Insp.Charlwood                     Fred Schepisi

Return from River Kwai                   Comd. Hunt                           Andrew Mclaglen

Year My Voice Broke                       Sergeant Pierce                     John Duigan

Cry Freedom                                    Richie                                     Richard Attenborough

Steel and Lace                                 Duncan                                   Ernest Farino

Olive                                                 Tony Wheeler                         ABC Films

Empty Beach, The                           Henneberry                            Jethro Films

Gold & the Glory, The                      Joe Lucas                               Angoloro Films

Summerfield                                    Simon Robinson                     Clare Beach Films

Devil's Playground, The                  Brother Victor                        Fred Schepisi

Submarine XI                                    L. Seaman Barlow                 Billy Graham



TheBlack List                                  Arthur Kilgannon                   NBC

Pretty Little Liars                            Dr. Powell                               ABC

The Pacific                                      Chief Editor                            HBO

Lost                                                  Ray                                         ABC

East of Everything                          Dad                                         ABC

The Junction Boys (MOW)             Smokey                                   ESPN / FOX

Seconds to Spare(MOW)               Comd. Haggerty                     Carlton Films

Counterstrike         (MOW)             Adml. Lewis                            Coot/ Hayes

Farscape                                         R. Wilson Monro                     Farscape Prods.

Diagnosis Murder                           Capt. Kennedy                        NBC

X Files, The                                     Dr. Openshaw                         FOX

Dr. Quinn, Med.Woman                  Martin Avishominis                NBC

Star Trek: D/Space Nine                Bilby                                        Paramount

JAG                                                 Jimmy Blackhorse                  ABC

F/X                                                   Dingo                                      ABC

Party of Five                                    Prof.  Lewis                            ABC

Murder, She Wrote                          Tim Jarvis                              CBS

President's Child, The                     Lipton                                    NBC

Civil Wars                                         John Gold                              ABC

Star Trek: The Next Gen.                 Dirgo                                      Paramount

Night Court                                      John Taylor                            CBS

Lady Boss                                         Hatcher                                  NBC

Open House   …Series                    Roger McSwain                    FOX/ Paramount

Dolphin Cove …Series                    Baron Trent                          CBS/Paramount

Space 1999    …Series                      Alan Carter                           Carlton. ITC



Corktown ’57                                    Mike                                       Odyssey Theatre, LA

When Dad Married Fury                   Alan                                       Ensemble, Sydney

Seven Out                                          Harry                                     Globe Theatre,  LA

Titanic                                                Cpt. EJ Smith                        Theatre Royal, Sydney

Woman in Mind                                 Gerald                                    Tiffany Theatre, LA

Foreigner                                           Charlie                                   Elizabethan, Sydney      

Caravan                                              Parks                                     Opera House, Sydney

Winter Journey                                  Bernie                                    Cambridge, UK

Duty Free                                           Victor                                     Victoria Palace, UK

Number one Rooster                         Sir Ernest                               Royal Court, UK

Don’s Party                                         Don                                        Old Tote, Sydney

Canterbury Tales                               Squire Nicholas                     Williamsons, Sydney